Works and projects

Art does not always make it easy for the beholder, to immediately accept or even understand it. Colours, lines and compositions sometimes do not want to depict more than themselves. They represent nothing, but generate their own reality. They are entirely true to themselves. Nothing is more concrete, more real than a line, a colour, a surface. Are a man, a flower, an object on canvas real? No, they are only concrete in their natural state. In paintings, they are far more abstract, illusionary, indefinite, and speculative than a line, a colour, a space, etc.

My art creates substance with whose help the reality experienced to date can be embellished and altered. It appeals to the eye; the perception itself is considered as the process of appreciating. The object is liberated, dissolved in cosmic expanses. The light plays a decisive role in achieving this effect.

Sights and experiences are transformed through contemplation that creates a vision of things, whose highest level is the love of all living creatures.

The following phrase has inspired my art creations for a great many years now:

“Art is the continual process of liberating the human spirit, and at the same time, the one who teaches to act out of love.”